PDI 6.01mm Precision Steel Barrel

  • £98.99

Some of the best airsoft barrels in the world. Available in various lengths/platform compatibility.

PDI 6.01mm barrels are the best choice for high power. The narrow bore provides the tightest air seal between the barrel and the BB, transferring as much power to the BB as possible. Because accuracy isn't quite as high as with wider bore precision barrels, these barrels are recommended when maximum power efficiency is the priority.

With PDI barrels, the very tight tolerance gives the barrels a high consistency along the entire length, so the BB trajectory is more stable and repeatable. High hardness SUS304 steel ensures the barrel will last for years. 

Make sure to use a high quality BB, and clean your barrel thoroughly and regularly to maintain high performance.

Shipped in a hard reusable cardboard tube to ensure your barrel arrives safely. 

Need a custom length? We offer a barrel cutting and crowning service.


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