Lonex Trigger Switch Assembly

Lonex GB-01-32
  • £10.95

Get smoother action and more reliable semi-auto fire with this superb quality trigger.

Reinforced nylon provides excellent abrasion resistance, ensuring years of reliable operation. Highly precise manufacture makes the switch compatible with all standard spec AEGs.

Supplied with a screw to fasten it the the gearbox, and a strong, high quality spring.

We HIGHLY recommend the use of a MOSFET to eliminate trigger switch arcing, which causes performance degradation and eventual trigger failure, especially quickly in upgraded guns.

Material: Glass reinforced nylon

Works well with:


Airlab MOSFET - Eliminate trigger arcing and improve performance with this highly durable electronic switch.

Airlab Wire - Route wires exactly where you need them. Use 24 AWG if you have a MOSFET, otherwise use 16 or 14 AWG.

Lonex Gearbox, V2, V3 - Well matched parts ensure a perfect fit.

Lonex Steel Trigger - Precisely made for smooth, reliable action.