Lonex Tappet Plate

Lonex GB-01-19
  • £6.90

Improve feeding with this highly durable tappet plate.

Stiff but tough for reliable nozzle retraction. Precisely made to ensure a good fit with your air nozzle. Light enough to allow fast nozzle extension even in high ROF (rate of fire) guns.

Fits all standard spec gearboxes, and the Lonex gearboxes due to the cutouts at the front.

Material: Nylon
Weight: 4g


Use a very thin layer of non-corrosive lubricant such as silicone oil or teflon grease to reduce friction, ensuring smooth operation.

You can remove coils from the tappet plate spring (not included) to increase tension, speeding up nozzle extension time if necessary.

Works well with:

Lonex Air Seal Nozzle - Precision made, well matched parts ensure an excellent fit.

Lonex Gearbox V2, V3- Cutouts at the front of the tappet plate make it compatible with this precise, reinforced gearbox.