Lonex Sector Clip Delayer x 1

Lonex Sector Clip Delayer x 1

Lonex GB-01-62
  • £1.99

Improve feeding with this highly durable sector chip. It simply clips onto the sector gear, enlarging the tappet cam in order to keep the nozzle retracted longer. This allows the next BB more time to enter the barrel, making feeding easier in high speed AEGs.

Note: This is designed for standard spec sector gears with a 4mm shaft collar, and a 3mm tappet cam. Please ensure it will fit your gear before ordering. Not compatible/necessary with Siegetek gears.

Material: Reinforced Nylon

Preparations for use:

  • Glue the sector clip in place

Use a good quality cyanoacrylate (super glue) or epoxy to firmly adhere the sector clip to the gear. This ensures that the centrifugal forces generated by the spinning gear will not loosen the sector clip over time.