Lonex Blue Piston - 10 Steel Teeth

Lonex Blue Piston - 10 Steel Teeth

Lonex GB-01-46
  • £15.39

Install this piston for excellent reliability in even the most extreme AEGs. Incredibly tough and durable, it can last indefinitely with proper tuning.

This piston is made to very precise tolerances, making it compatible with all TM spec AEGs. Added strength comes from reinforcements beside the teeth, and a greater wall thickness. 

This blue version is intended for the majority of setups, while extreme performance users will want the red version.

Weight: 17.6g
Material: Glass reinforced nylon (Listed as polycarbonate by the manufacturer, this is probably a mistranslation).

Preparations for use:

  • Lightening (also known as ‘swiss cheesing’) - Not strictly necessary in semi-auto only AEGs

As with all pistons intended for full-auto use, you should lighten it as much as possible. The easiest way to do this is by drilling a series of holes into the piston body with a dremel or other rotary tool. Make sure to leave at least 3mm between holes and edges, to retain structural integrity.

Lightening is done to reduce the piston’s mass, thereby reducing the energy needed to get it moving from stationary. This in turn puts less stress on the first tooth of the piston (and the sector gear), resulting in much better reliability. This is essential for high performance use.

  • Glue the metal rack in place

Lightly sand/score the surfaces to be bonded, clean with soap and allow to dry thoroughly. Then apply a little cyanoacrylate (super glue) or epoxy and slide the metal rack fully into the piston body. Allow the glue to cure completely before use.

The tooth rack is forced upwards into the piston body by the sector gear each time the gearbox cycles. In extreme cases this can cause the piston body to cave in. Gluing the tooth rack in place makes it much more rigid, preventing failures of this type from occurring. It also prevents the tooth rack impacting the piston head at the end of each stroke.

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