Lonex Piston Head - POM

Lonex Piston Head - POM

Lonex GB-01-10B
  • £13.80

Get improved reliability with this light and tough piston head, compatible with all AEGs and suitable even for extreme setups. It's light enough for high speed while strong enough for high power use, making it an excellent choice in any gun.

Built to Lonex's usual high standard, this piston head is currently a favourite among high performance airsoft techs. The flat face makes this piston head ideal for use with a sorbothane pad.

For high rate of fire (ROF) builds:

Remove the ball bearing to reduce the weight to just 5.2g, keeping the piston assembly as light as possible - crucial in any high speed setup. A ball bearing on the spring guide is recommended to relieve spring stress.

Weight with ball bearing: 8.9g
Weight without ball bearing: 5.2g (Essential for high ROF builds)

Material: POM (Polyoxymethylene)

As with ANY piston head, you must always use threadlock (or a similar adhesive) to lock the piston head screw in place. This is to prevent it working loose as a result of repeated impacts. We like Loctite Blue Threadlocker (medium strength) because it's easy to undo by hand.

Works well with:

Lonex Red Piston and Lonex Blue Piston: Build a tough, lightweight piston assembly.