Lonex Motor Connectors (2 pcs)

Lonex Motor Connectors (2 pcs)

Lonex GB-05-03
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2 x Connectors per pack

Increase efficiency with these low resistance motor connectors. Once soldered onto the wire, you can quickly disconnect/reconnect the wire when working on your AEG.

Crimp tabs grip the wire insulation, relieving stress from the solder joint for better durability. Gold plated brass provides low resistance, increasing efficiency over stock motor connectors.

Material: Gold plated brass

Preparations for use:

  • Solder the wire to the connector

Leave enough insulation on the wire to be gripped by the crimp tabs. Make sure not to allow solder to flow into the motor tab connector. See our guide for more information on soldering.

  • Crimp the connector to the wire

Take a pair of pliers and bend the two tabs on the end of the connector firmly into the wire. This grips the wire, relieving stress from the solder joint, improving durability.

Works well with:

Airlab Wire (16  + 14AWG)  - Our high quality, low resistance wire is a good fit in the these connectors. The thin insulation can be gripped firmly by the crimp tabs, unlike silicone insulation which can be too springy to hold firmly.