Lonex Motor Brush

Lonex Motor Brush

Lonex GB-05-02
  • £4.50

Get increased ROF, torque and efficiency from your motor with a fresh set of brushes. A drop-in replacement for motors made by Lonex, they can also fit other manufacturer’s motors with little or no modification.

This set provides better efficiency than other brushes due to the heavy duty integrated wire with screw terminal connector, which lowers electrical resistance.

Preparations for use:

  • Ensure a good fit

Insert the brush into the motor terminal. If it slides in easily, either horizontally or vertically, you are good to go. If it does not fit or there is any resistance, use a hand file to carefully remove material until it slides in easily. Be careful not to breath the carbon dust that comes off the brush, as the fine particles are harmful.

  • Secure the brush wire to the terminal

The wire is designed to be screwed to the terminal plate via the attached connector. Some motors however use a design which electrically connects the two terminal screws, so this method cannot be used. Instead you can simply clip the wire under the top arm of the brush spring, like a conventional motor.

  • Break in the new brushes

Before using the motor in your AEG, you should run it at low power until the brushes have ‘broken in’. Use a weak battery or an old computer power supply to run the motor at about 3 volts. Keep checking the brushes every 10 minutes until they have worn down slightly where they contact the commutator. This increases the surface area of the brushes, reducing their electrical resistance and increasing performance.