Lonex Gearbox Screw Set

Lonex GB-05-04
  • £3.90

High quality steel hex screws for your AEG gearbox, supplied with washers. Please check your AEG before ordering, as some gearboxes have more holes than others. These screw sets are designed for Lonex gearboxes which have fewer holes. All gearboxes take M3 screws.

Screw dimensions:

Diameter: 2.9mm
Thread pitch: 0.5mm
Drive Type: Hex Socket (Allen) - 2mm

Diameter. 1.9mm
Thread pitch: 0.4mm
Drive type: Phillips/Pozidriv - Size 0

Version 3 Set:

2 x M3 15.5mm long screws, round head
1 x M3 11.5mm long screw, round head
1 x M3 9.5mm long screw, round head
4 x M3 washers

Version 2 Set:

3 x M3 15.8mm long screw, countersunk head
1 x M3 15.5mm long screw, round head
4 x M3 9.5mm long screws, round head
2 x M2 5.15mm long screw, flanged head (Cut-off lever screw)
5 x M3 washers

Works well with:

Lonex Gearbox Shells V2, V3 - Perfectly tapped holes ensure a secure fit.