Lonex Flash Mag - M4/M16 Series

Lonex Flash Mag - M4/M16 Series

Lonex GB-06-01
  • £14.90

Upgrade your hi caps to the revolutionary Flash Mag. Winds fully in under 5 seconds, and one wind is enough to empty it. Never re-wind a high cap in the middle of a firefight again, or bother with fiddly, laborious thumb wheels.

This high capacity magazine uses a drawstring to wind up in just 4-5 pulls. It then allows  the entire magazine to be fired without re-winding due to the larger than normal spring. A heavy duty steel casing makes this magazine very durable and highly realistic.

Can easily be operated with gloves. Fits all standard spec M4/M16 series AEGs.

360 round capacity.

We stock flash mags directly from Lonex, with Lonex markings on the base.


Pull open the bottom cover, and pull the drawstring down. Repeat until the sound changes, which indicates the spring is fully wound. Then close the cover, and fire away.

Always use clean,  high quality BBs to ensure good feeding and accurate fire. Never re-use BBs.