Lonex Cut-Off Lever

Lonex GB-01-26
  • £5.20

Ensure reliable semi-auto fire with this durable cut-off lever. Hard anodized for high abrasion resistance and made from a high strength alloy, it will last indefinitely under even heavy use.

Compatible with all standard spec AEGs. Supplied with two flanged screws (so you have a spare), and the correct spring.

Material: Aluminium/Aluminum alloy
Weight: V2 2g, V3 3.2g

Preparations for use:

  • Lock the screw in place

Apply a tiny dab of threadlock (or similar adhesive) to the screw before tightening, so ensure that it can’t work loose from vibration. Be very careful not to get glue on the cut off lever itself.

Works well with:

Lonex Gearbox Shells V3, V2 - Accurately made parts ensure a close fit with smooth action.

Siegetek Gears - This cut-off lever can withstand these high hardness gears.