Lonex Anti-Reversal Latch - TM Recoil Shock

Lonex Anti-Reversal Latch - TM Recoil Shock

Lonex GD-01-06
  • £5.49

Prevent damage to your gearbox with this high quality steel anti reversal latch. Stock AR latches can break under normal use, sending metal chips into the gear teeth and causing further damage. A broken AR latch can cause damage to the tappet plate by allowing the sector gear to smash into it when running in reverse.

This AR latch will not chip under under normal use, and fits all standard spec gearboxes due to Lonex’s precision manufacturing process. Compatible with all gears, including the high hardness Siegeteks.

Supplied with a durable spring for reliable actuation.

Material: Steel
Weight: 2.5g