HSA Barrel Lockdown Kit for AEGs

HSA Barrel Lockdown Kit for AEGs

  • £13.74

Improve accuracy and air seal by instantly securing your entire barrel group. Eliminate vibration and reduce air leaks, raising FPS and improving consistency from one shot to the next. Compatible with most AEGs.

One of the quickest and easiest accuracy upgrades available.


This kit contains 3 products which each lock down a separate part of the barrel group.

1 x Barrel Shim - Tightly locks the end of the inner barrel to the outer barrel, preventing the barrel from bending or vibrating. This improves upon the common method of wrapping the inner barrel with tape.

1 x Enhanced Hop up Stabilisation Ring (EHSR) - Secures the barrel to the hop up unit, eliminating movement between the two and therefore improving consistency. It replaces the stock metal ring, which by design allows for movement.

3 x O-rings - Spacers which push the hop up unit into the gearbox, securing it in place within the gun and improving airseal in some cases. (Not necessary in all guns).

With your barrel group locked in place, at least 3 major sources of inaccuracy are eliminated. Airseal can also be improved in some cases (by pushing the hop up unit firmly into the front of the gearbox), further improving consistency and of course power output.


Installation instructions

Note: The Barrel Lockdown Kit is designed to be compatible with most AEGs. However, one or more parts of the Barrel Lockdown Kit may not be compatible with your airsoft gun. Please read the installation instructions and study the pictures before ordering to determine compatability.
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