Airlab Services - BTC Chimera Gearbox Adaptation

Airlab Services - BTC Chimera Gearbox Adaptation

  • £200.00

We can install a BTC Chimera into most other gearboxes. For example, a V3 Chimera in a V2 gearbox etc. This involves replacing the trigger board with manually installed micro switches (pictured), modifying the trigger to correctly actuate the trigger switch, soldering the data cables to the new switches, routing wires, insulating/sealing etc. 

Pictured is a V3 Chimera installed in a V2 gearbox. 

This is useful if you have a non-standard gearbox, or the correct Chimera version is not available for your gearbox.

This MUST be purchased at the same time as a BTC Chimera, unless you already have a Chimera to send us for installation.

You need to send us your complete AEG for installation. After you place your order, the shipping address will be emailed to you. Make sure to package your AEG very well to protect it during shipping.

A portion of the return shipping price will be added during checkout.

For more details, please contact us.