Airlab Air-Nub

  • £9.99

Air-Nub designed for use with Air-Hops, flat hops or R-hops etc.

Silicone foam is the perfect nub material when using an Air-Hop, as it applies even pressure to the hop rubber, and doesn't deform outwards contacting the inside of the hop unit.

Provides consistent pressure to the Air-Hop, increasing accuracy.

Extremely easy to install. All you need is a utility knife and hand file/sandpaper:

  • Flatten the hop arm with a hand file/sandpaper on a flat surface.
  • Cut the Air-Nub to fit the hop unit window with a very sharp utility knife or scalpel etc.
  • Place the barrel and bucking into the hop unit, with the hop arm removed/out of the way.
  • Remove the adhesive backing from the Air-Nub, and place it into the hop window, with the adhesive facing up.
  • Clean the hop arm and install it into the hop unit.
  • Push the hop arm down until it contacts the Air-Nub.
  • The Air-nub is now stuck to the hop arm in the perfect location. Trim the Air-Nub if necessary.

Each pack contains 2 units, each 3mm wide and 3mm thick. Adhesive backed for easy installation.

Works best with:

Airlab Air-Hop

Airlab Air-Hop Installation Tool

Made by Airlab in the UK.

We also offer an Air-Hop installation service.