Airlab AB FET

  • £49.99

A reliable Active Braking MOSFET based on the formidable Extreme-Fire SW-AB-Long. Made by Airlab in the UK.

Made to order, please expect a 7-10 working day lead time.


Size = 0.6 x 0.5 x 2.0 inches

Fuse Current = 20 Amps

Voltage = 8 to 16 VDC

Peak Current = 160 Amps

Active breaking time = 100mS

40cm of Airlab Super Thin Wire on each side


1. Full active braking that is gentle enough not to harm the motor but still stops the motor very quickly.

2. Fully assembled, production tested, and serial numbered.

3. Built in 20 amp automatically resetting thermal fuse.

4. All wires supplied and attached to the PC board.

5. Built in heatsink.

6. The MOSFETs are fully protected against voltage spikes from the motor.

7. It is almost impossible to cross conduct the MOSFETs.

8. Fully protected against static discharge.

9. Advanced break timing circuit.

10. The circuit draws no current when not triggered.

11. The trigger circuit needs considerable current to turn on preventing false firing from condensation, grease, etc.

12. Uses surface mount parts to minimize size.

13. Very tolerant of bad wiring, bad layout, noise, etc.

14. Failure of the active breaking MOSFET can't turn the gun uncontrollably on.

15. New low heating trip circuit prevents damage under very long term short circuit conditions.