Fuse Installation Instructions

This article will explain how to install our Self-Resetting Fuse.

If you are new to soldering or would like a refresher, please see our Soldering Guide.

Your new fuse replaces the stock fuse which came with your gun. The process is extremely simple:

  • Decide exactly where the new fuse will go. It is extremely small so you have a lot of options. It is better to place it as close to the battery as possible. This means that the fuse can protect more of the circuit.
  • Cut the old fuse holder out of the gun.
  • Solder one end of the new fuse to the wire attached to the gun. You can clip off the fuse wire as necessary.
  • Remove the loose wire from the battery connector.
  • Solder the other end of the fuse wire to the connector. Remove the fuse wire as necessary, making sure to measure several times before doign so.
  • Test the fuse by connecting the battery and firing the gun. If the gun fires, congratulations, you are done!

If nothing happens, check the connections again, making sure there are no cold solder joints. Cold solder joints look dull and tarnished, and do not conduct electricity well. If you have ruled out all possible electrical faults, you may have a mechanical fault. In any case, please get in touch with us.

    It is highly recommended to upgrade the entire electrical system by installing a MOSFET and low resistance connectors such as Deans, XT60s, Traxxass or gold bullet connectors (min. 4mm diameter).