HSA CNC Barrel Cleaning Rod (Chemical Resistant)

HSA CNC Barrel Cleaning Rod (Chemical Resistant)

  • £5.49

Highly durable, flexible, chemical resistant barrel cleaning rods from HunterSeeker Armory.

  • Use with harsh solvents like acetone which melt standard cleaning rods, for a deep thorough clean of the barrel.
  • Coil up and store in a pocket or pouch for emergencies in the field.
  • CNC milled slot is integral to the rod so there's no cap that can pop off.
  • Easily cut to length if you need a shorter rod.

Your choice of 2 lengths - 500mm or 760mm.

NOTE: These will  be shipped coiled in an envelope, and will arrive curved. This doesn't affect performance at all. If you want yours to arrive perfectly straight, we can ship it in a long cardboard tube at extra cost. Please follow this link to add tube shipping to your cart when you order your cleaning rod.