Siegetek Gear Set

Siegetek Gear Set

  • £150.00

Please note: You will receive the latest Gen. 2 gearset with full chromoly steel bevel gear - a superior product to the one pictured.

Upgrade to the strongest AEG gears in the world; the only choice for a reliable high performance setup.

CNC machined from chromium molybdenum steel for unmatched precision and durability. Completely redesigned to optimise performance and functionality beyond the standard TM spec.

Virtually indestructible, these gears form the backbone of the world’s most extreme AEGs, while providing ultimate longevity in all setups.

Siegetek is a small scale manufacturer with a legendary status in airsoft at the pinnacle of specialist engineering. Their careful design and impeccable quality control makes them one of the best, most consistent manufacturers in airsoft.

Available for V2/3 and V6/7 gearboxes, in balanced and high speed ratios. Each gear set contains 1 x sector gear, 1 x spur gear and 1 x bevel gear.

Material: Chromium Molybdenum Steel (chromoly)
Weight: 65g

Installation Instructions:


  • Enlarged release tooth - increases strength to withstand higher spring tension at the end of the piston cycle, even in high powered AEGs.
  • Reshaped cut-off cam - Speeds up semi-auto cut-off, thereby reducing overspin and the chance of a trigger lock up.
  • Larger tappet plate cam - Keeps the nozzle retraced longer, improving BB feeding and negating the need for an aftermarket sector clip. (Revolution ratio only).
  • Greater overall gear thickness - Gives a higher contact surface area, further improving durability.
  • Improved anti-reversal teeth - Reduces uneven wear to the anti-reversal latch, and makes the gear set quieter.
  • Unique bevel gear tooth design - Prevents the motor pinion gear from contacting the anti-reversal teeth.

Works well with:

TerminusX Bushings: These highly durable tungsten carbide steel bushings are recommended by Siegetek themselves.  Bushings need to be capable of withstanding the high hardness gear axles, and sadly most stock bushings are far too soft and must be replaced.

Lonex Steel Shims: Achieve perfectly meshing gears with these precision shims.