Lonex Hop Up Unit - CA M14, Marui AUG

Lonex Hop Up Unit - CA M14, Marui AUG

Lonex GB-01-84
  • £17.90

Improve your accuracy with this precise, rigid hop up unit. Tight tolerances make it compatible with any TM spec AUG Series and CA M14 Series AEGs

Housing all of your accuracy components, the hop up unit must be compatible with many different parts, tightly holding them in place in order to provide consistency from one shot to the next. This beautifully finished metal hop up unit is made to an impeccable standard, and provides two main advantages over other units:

  • Rigidity - Unlike plastic hop up units it cannot flex/deform and therefore helps allow consistent power and accuracy. Minute position changes between the bucking, barrel, hop up mechanism etc can produce variations in power output, backspin and direction, which of course all affect BB trajectory. A rigid hop up unit helps eliminate these position changes.
  • Precision - Made to tight tolerances, it is highly compatible with other manufacturers barrels, buckings etc. The adjustment mechanism fits snugly with just enough friction to prevent unwanted fluctuations, while being easy to adjust.

Material: Aluminium Zinc Alloy

Works well with:

R-Hop Z-Kit - The revolutionary accuracy upgrade.

Barrel Lockdown Kit - Locks all the accuracy components in place.

Lonex Hop Up Bucking - Fits perfectly inside this hop up unit.