Lonex Hop Up Bucking

Lonex Hop Up Bucking

Lonex GB-01-36
  • £4.49

Attain higher power and consistency with this accurately molded hop up bucking. Made to tight tolerances to ensure compatibility with all standard spec AEGs.

Forms a tight air seal with the bucking due to the slightly elastic rubber compound. Highly durable, it will stay effective even after extended use.

The softer bucking is suitable for most full auto AEGs, while the harder bucking is for higher powered systems. Experimentation is recommended to find the best one for your setup.

We highly recommend installing an R-hop in your airsoft gun for ultimate accuracy and range.

Preparations for use:

  • Seal the bucking to the barrel

Use a thick grease, or for a more permanent and reliable air seal use a thin layer of silicone sealant before installing the bucking onto the barrel. To ease installation of the barrel into the hop up unit, apply a little silicone oil to the outside of the bucking. Make sure no oil gets into the barrel.

Works well with:

R-hop - The ultimate accuracy upgrade.

Lonex Hop Up Units - M4, G36, AK - A perfect fit for better consistency and easier installation.

Lonex Air Seal Nozzle - Perfectly mating parts provide a reliable air seal.