Lonex Complete Gearbox 'SP120 Original Type' for M4/M16 Series

Lonex Complete Gearbox 'SP120 Original Type' for M4/M16 Series

Lonex GBA-01
  • £189.99

Complete Lonex version 2 gearbox with nozzle and selector plate for M4/M16 series AEGs.

These gearboxes are sold as they come from the factory. They require (at minimum) re-shimming and AOE to be corrected before use. The motor height should ideally also be carefully tuned as part of the shimming process.

These gearboxes also come with ball bearings, which must be packed with grease before use. If they are to be used in a high performance AEG, they should ideally be replaced with solid bushings.

Included are all the same Lonex upgrade parts we sell separately, making this an excellent value option for a full set of gearbox parts:

8mm Gearbox Shell

8mm Ball Bearings

Balanced Gear Set

V2/3 Anti-Reserval Latch

V2 Cut-off Lever

Red 'Extreme Toughness' Piston with 10 steel teeth

Metal Vented Piston Head with built-in AEO adjustment spacer

M120 Spring

V2 Ball Bearing Spring Guide

V2 Tappet Plate

V2 Cylinder Head

Full Cylinder 

M4/M16 Air Seal Nozzle

V2 Trigger Switch

M4/M16 Steel Trigger