Lonex Cylinder Head

Lonex GB-01-08A
  • £10.70

Easily achieve a tight air seal with this double O-ring aluminium cylinder head. A perfect fit in TM spec AEGs, having been precisely CNC machined from a single block of aluminium.

Airflow is improved due to a curved opening, and air seal nozzles slide easily on the polished surface.

You can easily add a sorbothane buffer to this cylinder head due to the large flat face - An essential durability upgrade for any AEG.

Material: Aluminium/Aluminum
Weight: 9.2g

Preparations for use:

  • Install a sorbothane pad

Sorbothane is the single most effective durability upgrade for your AEG. It makes the piston much more reliable and eliminates gearbox shell failures.

  • Glue the rubber buffer in place (if not using sorbothane)

The supplied rubber buffer can sometimes peel away, so we recommend firmly gluing it in place to prevent this happening during firing. A quality cyanoacrylate (super glue) is best.

  • Apply grease/sealant to the O-rings

Ensure a long lasting air seal between the cylinder and cylinder head by applying a quality O-ring grease or silicone sealant to the O-rings before installation into the cylinder.

Works well with:

Airlab Sorbothane Pad - The essential durability upgrade.

Lonex Cylinder - A very tight fit ensures a perfect air seal, without the need for sealant.

Lonex Air Nozzle - Designed to fit together for a tight air seal and free movement for better feeding.

Lonex Gearbox Shells V2, V3 - Tight tolerances guarantee perfectly fitting parts.