Airlab Machine Works - CNC R-hop/ER-hop Barrel Window

  • £66.00

Custom machined barrel window to fit an R-hop or ER-hop patch.

You can either send us your barrel to be machined, or purchase this service at the same time as a new barrel.

CNC machining the barrel in-house allows us to create a perfectly flat window to the exact length and depth required for each R-hop. A CAD model is created for each barrel we modify, as there are always minor variations between individual stock barrel windows.

We then pick out an R-hop from our inventory, precisely measure it, then update the CAD model with a window that will fit this one specific patch depth (and length if necessary). This tells the software exactly how much material needs to be removed. This information is used to generate a G-code file, which is then sent over to the CNC mill controller.

Please allow 7-10 working days for work on your barrel to be completed. R-hop patch not included.

Looking for a complete R-hop service? We now offer a package deal with a saving of up to £30.

If you have any questions, please contact us.