Lonex Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide

Lonex GB-01-49
  • £14.90

Increase FPS and alleviate spring stress with this superb ball bearing spring guide.

AEG springs twist slightly as they compress, causing uneven stress which reduces durability and power consistency. The ball bearing completely alleviates this stress, which improves spring lifespan and power consistency, an important precursor to accuracy.

The ball bearing also raises FPS because it acts as a spacer, pre-compressing the spring to increase tension.

Impeccable build quality and tight tolerances make this spring guide highly durable, and compatible with standard spec AEGs.

Material: Steel
Weight: 30g
Ball bearing thickness: 8mm

Preparations for use:

  • Lubricate the ball bearing

Make sure that the ball bearing can spin freely. If not, it may need to be cleaned, with hot soapy water. Dry thoroughly then apply a little bearing oil to the ball bearing before use. A very small amount is sufficient.

Works well with:

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