Lonex Cylinder

Lonex GB-01-04B
  • £13.19

Get consistent power output from your AEG with this hardened steel cylinder. The inside is polished to reduce friction and improve airseal. The tough, scratch resistant material ensures excellent durability for extended use.

Fully compatible with TM spec AEGs.

Material: Hardened steel
Weight: 30g (approx.)

Preparations for use:

  • Clean and lubricate

Thoroughly clean any protective shipping grease/oil with hot water and soap. Dry throughly with a lint-free cloth. Apply a thin layer of viscous grease (we like SuperLube Sythetic Teflon grease).

  • Form a seal with the cylinder head

Use O-ring grease or silicone sealant on the cylinder head O-rings when installing it into the cylinder.

Works well with:

Lonex Cylinder Head - A very tight fit ensures a perfect air seal.

Lonex Gearbox Shells V2V3 - Tight tolerances guarantee perfectly fitting parts.