Lonex Air Seal Nozzle

Lonex GB-02-08
  • £4.95

Install this precision air seal nozzle for a more consistent power output. Improve feeding and/or FPS level in guns with off-spec air nozzles. Fully compatible with any standard AEG.

The internal O-ring provides an excellent air seal between the nozzle and cylinder, further improving power and consistency (an essential precursor to accuracy). Impeccable build quality ensures you know the length before you buy. Extremely light to improve feeding.

You will notice a big improvement in power and consistency if you use this nozzle to replace a non-air seal nozzle.

Material: POM (Polyoxymethylene, a durable engineering thermoplastic)
Weight: 0.5g to 0.7g

Nozzle Lengths:

19.63mm -  AK Series
20.40mm - MP5-A4/A5/SD5/SD6 Series
20.73mm - P90 Series
20.77mm - M16A1 VN/XM177E2/CAR-15 Series
20.96mm - LMG Series
21.05mm - MP5-K/PDW Series
21.13mm - PSG-1 Series
21.20mm - G3-A3/A4/SG-1/MC51 Series

21.22mm - M16A2/M4A1/SR16 Series
22.26mm - SIG 550/551/552 Series
24.27mm - G36 Series

24.60mm - AUG Series

24.60mm - M14 for CA Series

Preparations for use:

  • Lubricate the cylinder head nozzle

Apply a very thin layer of teflon grease or silicone oil to the cylinder head nozzle before installing the air nozzle. This ensures the air nozzle can slide easily, allowing the O-ring to maintain a good air seal.

Works well with:

Lonex Cylinder Head - Perfectly matched for a tight air seal, while allowing free movement for improved feeding.

Lonex Bucking - Mating parts provide an extremely good air seal.

Lonex Hop Up Units (G36, AK, M4) - A consistent bore ensures the air nozzle can slide unobstructed.