Airlab High Current MOSFET

Airlab High Current MOSFET

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A high current solid-state trigger switch, supplied with pre-soldered wires and heavy-duty heatshrink. It improves the efficiency of the electrical system and the reliability of the trigger mechanism.

  • Bypasses the trigger assembly, reducing resistance and sending power directly to the motor.
  • Eliminates trigger switch arcing, extending trigger life indefinitely.
  • Handles extreme current draw making it suitable even for highly upgraded guns.
  • Protects your gun with an integrated fuse.
  • 60cm of 16AWG Airlab Super Thin Wire on each side.
  • Made by Airlab in the UK

This simple MOSFET switch is designed to be powerful and reliable. By reducing electrical resistance, it improves efficiency and can result in a higher rate of fire and battery life. It can handle extreme current draw, allowing it to be used in highly upgraded AEGs which naturally need more power. A MOSFET is the most effective single upgrade you can make to your AEG's electrical system.

MOSFETs bypass the trigger contacts - an inherent weak point in the electrical system. By their design, AEG trigger contacts have high electrical resistance, and are prone to failure. Over time, repeated arcing (sparks) leaves a residue of poorly conductive carbon increasing resistance even more. The heat generated by arcing can cause failure by melting the plastic trigger housing. With a MOSFET installed, only a tiny current flows through the trigger contacts, allowing them to last indefinitely

This MOSFET measures approximately 13mm x 16mm x 40mm (with fuse) or 12mm x 10mm x 16mm (without fuse), allowing it to fit in almost any AEG, leaving plenty of room for other upgrade components.

Based on the formidable 3034, with full TVS protection as standard.

Click here for installation instructions.

More information on how it works:

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET)

Reduces electrical resistance

Airsoft AEGs come with very basic electric circuits, in which the electrical energy flows through the trigger contacts - an inherent weak point. AEG triggers contain several solder joints, and employ crude metal contacts to make a connection when the trigger is pulled. By their design they increase the circuit's electrical resistance, which means the battery has to work harder to supply enough energy to the motor. This means that the circuit is nowhere near as efficient as it should be.

Over time, the trigger assembly becomes worse due to arcing. Arcing can occur each time the trigger is pulled and released, resulting in a spark travelling between the trigger contacts. This arcing has two negative effects: residue deposition and heat damage. Over time the carbon residue left behind builds up, steadily increasing electrical resistance. Heat damage can get so bad that it melts the trigger housing, leading to complete failure and requiring the whole assembly to be replaced. Upgraded guns draw more current, and therefore worsen these effects.

Installing a MOSFET switch eliminates these problems because it prevents high current flowing through the trigger mechanism, sending it straight to the motor instead. This eliminates arcing and heat, making the trigger mechanism last indefinitely. The trigger is used to switch a tiny current, which the MOSFET uses as a signal to close the circuit, allowing power to flow directly from the battery to the motor. This effectively bypasses the entire trigger mechanism, greatly reducing electrical resistance. Reduced resistance makes the entire circuit more efficient, so you may see a rate of fire increase after installing a MOSFET. It also means more energy can be spent firing the gun rather than overcoming resistance, so there may also be an increase in battery life.

Handles extreme current

Highly upgraded AEGs require a lot of power, and they need the MOSFET to be capable of handling this power. While any MOSFET provides a huge advantage over the stock trigger contacts, most MOSFETs aren't designed to switch the most demanding AEGS. Airlab's MOSFET is designed specifically for highly upgraded AEGs, making it capable of switching extreme currents without heating up. This capability makes it extremely reliable in any AEG, so it is a good choice even for modest setups.


Full installation instructions are available here.

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